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Paglaganap na Islam sa sulu

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Q: May kinalaman at paglaganap ng Islam sa sulu sa pagtatag ng?
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What is the population of Sulu?

The population of Sulu is 849,670.

What is Mr Sulu's first name?

Hikaru Sulu

What does tama sulu ie mean?

sulu an ie

When did Sultanate of Sulu end?

Sultanate of Sulu ended in 1917.

What is the area of Sulu?

The area of Sulu is 2,135.3 square kilometers.

When was Sulu created?

Sulu was created on 1917-03-10.

When was Karstarma sulu created?

Karstarma sulu was created in 2002.

When was Sulu Hornbill created?

Sulu Hornbill was created in 1880.

When was Hikaru Sulu created?

Hikaru Sulu was created in 1966.

When was Sultanate of Sulu created?

Sultanate of Sulu was created in 1450.

What is a sulu?

A sulu is an all-purpose garment worn by men and women in Fiji.

When did Muwallil Wasit I of Sulu die?

Muwallil Wasit I of Sulu died in 1650.