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Syempre naman po dhil sa Parte ng pilipinas ang Spratlys hindi ba?? at ska mlayo ang China sa Spratlys Island . .. . .

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Q: May karapatan ba o walaang pilipinas sa mga pulo sa spratly at sabah?
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Paano nakuha ng pilipinas ang sabah at spratly island?

dahil sakin

What are spratly and sabah islands?

Spratly and Sabah Islands are two territories claimed by Philippines. Spratly is a group of 52 Islands of which only seven are occupied by Philippines. Sabah islands are a disputed territory between Malaysia and Philippines and are presently occupied by Malaysia.

Does the Philippines own the Spratly Island and the Sabah?

yes,,,the Philippines own the sabah and spatly island....

Why do you acclaim spratly and sabah why?

The minority of the islands of Spratly and Sabah are officially occupied by the Phillipinos. However the other portions are scattered about between Malaysia, Taiwan and Vietnam. The islands are acclaimed as Philippines simply because they are influenced predominantly by Phillipino culture.

How weak is the claim of Phil over Spratly Island?

It's even weaker than its claim over Sabah, the northeastern region of Borneo.

May sabah ba sa pilipinas?

Meron karamihan sa cebu

Magsaliksik tungkol sa sabah at spratly island at alamin kung anu-anong bansa ang naghahangad na masakop ito?

Ang bansa na naghahangad na sumakop dito ay America at Spain.

What country owns the Sabah and Spratly islands?

According to my extensive research, NO ONE own the Spratly Islands, but the Chinese dynasty during year 200 AD claim it and saying those part of the Island are belongs to them. In addition, Chinese dynasty named this island "Nansha Island." This island was not Spratly back since 1791 Captain Spratle name under his name. For sure, China never own Spratley Island, but more relatively (but not really, its close) own Philippine government..

When did Sabah II Al-Sabah die?

Sabah II Al-Sabah died in 1866.

What is Sabah's motto?

Brunei doesn't really have a 'motto' per se, but rather a national philosophy called 'Melayu Islam Beraja' (MIB), or 'Malay Muslim Monarchy'.'Malay' refers to the Malay culture, people and language. 'Muslim' refers to the country's strong faith and adherence to Islam. 'Monarchy' refers to the governing of the country by its beloved ruling monarch Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah.MIB permeates and influences all areas of Bruneian government, education and daily life.(You can read more about the concept of MIB at The site is in Malay, though Google Translate does a decent job of translating.

When was Sabah III Al-Salim Al-Sabah born?

Sabah III Al-Salim Al-Sabah was born in 1913.