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Syempre naman po dhil sa Parte ng pilipinas ang Spratlys hindi ba?? at ska mlayo ang China sa Spratlys Island . .. . .

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Ang bansa na naghahangad na sumakop dito ay America at Spain.

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Ano ang dahilang

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Q: Magsaliksik tungkol sa sabah at spratly island at alamin kung anu-anong bansa ang naghahangad na masakop ito?
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When did Richard Spratly die?

Richard Spratly died in 1866.

What country owns spratly islands?

Spratly Islands (not Spartly) are claimed by Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Philippines and Brunei.One of the Spratly Island known as Spratly Island (proper) or Truong Sa Island is owned by Vietnam.

Who discovered spratly island?

Spratly Island is located in the South China Sea. It has an area of 15 hectares. The French discovered Spratly Island in April 1930.

Why china want spratly?

China wants Spratly because of the large deposits of oil.

Who owns spratly?

it is Philippines.

How many barrel of oil in spratly?

It is estimated that the amount of oil in Spratly is more than 5.4 billion barrels.

When china planning to attack in the spratly?

It is not yet known, but unconfirmed reports indicate that China is planning to attack Spratly later this year.

What are spratly and sabah islands?

Spratly and Sabah Islands are two territories claimed by Philippines. Spratly is a group of 52 Islands of which only seven are occupied by Philippines. Sabah islands are a disputed territory between Malaysia and Philippines and are presently occupied by Malaysia.

Mga bansang umaangkin ng isla Spratly?

because it is stated in the Philippine map that spratly islands is in the land zone of the Philippines.Tagalog issue in Spratly Islands

What are these countries claiming the spratly island?

The Islands that has been claimed by the Philippines in Spratly Island Group are the Lawak,Patag,Kota,Likas,Parola,Pag-asa,Panata and Rizal

Why Philippines has no claim to spratly island?

because our government is stupid!!

Is Spratly Islands belongs to the Philippines?

No, it belongs to China and Taiwan.