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Q: Makasaysayang bamboo organ sa las pinas?
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What can you say about las pinas bamboo organ?

it is a kind of creative thing in this world .so it is important becaues it brings the name of the philippines ..

Where is Cutcut in Las Pinas City in the Philippines located?

Cutcut was a former barrio or barangay in Las Pinas. It was renamed to Elias Aldana, former mayor of Las Pinas.

Postal code of las pinas?

bf resort village

Where is ely buendia now?

house in las pinas with family

Who is the congressman in las pinas?

The current CongressWOMAN for Las Piñas is Mrs. Cynthia Aguilar Villar

How was the bamboo made strong enough to serve as pipes for the organ?

I assume you are referring to the Las Piñas Bamboo Organ. What was done to make the bamboo strong enough? Nothing. Organ pipes don't have to be very strong; just strong enough to stand upright and bear their own weight. The fact that they are producing a tone puts no extra stress on them. Other than this organ, bamboo has not been used for organ pipes except for a few small, novelty organs.

Who is the brgy captain of talon 1 las pinas city?

Miling Ramos

What is the meaning of cpo in las pinas city?

I'm guessing it's Las piñas Central Post Office(CPO) ?

Who is the vice mayor of las pinas city?

I don't know the answer too???? ^..^ ^_^ The current mayor of Las Piñas City is Vergel "Nene" Aguilar

Is perpetual help medical center las pinas an affiliate of maxicare health?


Can you know the ALS Exam secondary in las pinas city?

Alternative learning school

What is the state code of Philippines?

what is the zip code of Las Pinas City Philippines