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Q: Mag bigay ng halimbawa ng mga pamamaraan kung paano haharapin ang negatibong epekto ng peer pressure?
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Is absolute pressure static pressure?

absolute pressure

What does absolute pressure include that gauge pressure does not?

abosulute pressure includes the atmospheric pressure while gage pressure gives the pressure above atmospheric pressure

How do you calculate suction pressure for air theoretically?

Air has a pressure, but not a suction pressure. Air pressure is measured with a barometer, you do not calculate it. Suction pressure is a concept which applies to a pump. Suction pressure = static pressure + surface pressure - vapour pressure - friction pressure.

When you take a persons blood pressure it is a reflection of lymphatic pressure arterial pressure osmotic pressure or venous pressure?

arterial pressure

What is the relation between pressure in atmosphere and pressure?

Atmospheric pressure is the surrounding pressure around us. We live in the atmosphere and treat the atmospheric pressure as the base pressure. A pressure gauge would read 0 at atmospheric pressure. When we define the pressure in scientific way of absolute pressure, we need to add up an atmospheric pressure to the measured pressure.

Does it move from an area of high pressure to low pressure or low pressure to high pressure?

A fluid will move from high pressure to low pressure.

What is the force exerted on surface divided by the area over whech the force is exerted?

That's the pressure on that particular area.

What is the total pressure gauge pressure plus atmospheric pressure?

Absolute Pressure

What is intrathoracic pressure?

Intrathoracic pressure is the pressure inside of the pleural cavity. It is also called intrapleural pressure and the normal pressure is called negative pressure.

What are the types of pressure?

They're 5 Kinds of Peer Pressure These are it ~ Negative Peer Pressure , Positive Peer Pressure , Heavy Peer Pressure , Indirect Peer Pressure , and Friendly Peer Pressure

Is high pressure rising pressure?

No. High pressure is pressure that is higher than an established normal pressure. The pressure may be rising, falling, or remain the same

Does a high-pressure system have a low-pressure or high-pressure center?

A high pressure systems has a high pressure center.