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If a sales man gets successive gain of 15 and 20 then his actual gain?


What is the dB value for a gain of 10?

10dB It is a logarithmic relationship, so a gain of 20 is 13dB, and a gain of 100 is 20dB

An integer that represents a gain of 20 pounds?

weigh loss of 20 pounds

What is the average weight gain in a year for a 11 year old?

I would say about 10 puonds, though I don't know that for a fact. Depending on your size you may want to tweek that (i.e if you're skinny you may want to gain more, or if you're overwieght you may wish to gain less) so, I'ld say anywhere between 5 and 20 depending. hope that helped, DML

How many pops can you drink to gain a pound?


The voltage gran of an amplifier is 200 The decibel voltage gain is?

The voltage gain of an amplifier is 200. The decibel voltage gain is? Answer Gain in dB = 20 * log 200 = 46 dB

What is dB in Electronics Engineering?

Deci-bels (dB) are a logarithmic measure of system/network amplification or gain (G). The logarithms are taken to the base 10 and multiplied by 20:dB = 20logG (where G is the gain of the system)To give an example of what this means:G = 0.01, so dB gain = 20log0.01 = 20 * -2 = -40dBG = 0.1, so dB gain = 20log0.1 = 20 * -1 = -20dBG = 1, so dB gain = 20log1 = 20 * 0 = 0dBG = 10, so dB gain = 20log10 = 20 * 1 = 20dBG = 100, so dB gain = 20log100 = 20 * 2 = 40dBG = 10000, so dB gain = 20log10000 = 20 * 4 = 80dBThere are other uses for dB in electronics, where logarithms are useful they are preferred. The reasons logs can be useful is because the natural log of an exponential curve is a straight line, allowing for easier ways of understanding the behaviour of a system.

Can you gain 20 pounds of muscle in 8 months?


Can you get your pirod just after 20 days after having your period?

can a women get her pirod after 20 days she get it a gain after sex

What did the Spanish gain after the Spanish American War?

It received $20 million.

How do you gain 20 pounds in one month?

eat poo for a week

In what year did the country of Tunisia gain their independence?

March 20, 1956