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Q: Kung ikaw ay isang mamayanan na nakaranas ng pananakop ng kanluranin ano ang iyong tugon sa sinabi ni rudyard kipling?
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When were Josephine Kipling Elsie Kipling and John Kipling born?

Josephine Kipling and Elsie Kipling were born in the mid-1860s, while John Kipling was born in 1897. Josephine and Elsie were the daughters of Rudyard Kipling, while John was his son.

Who were Rudyard Kipling's parents?

John Lockwood Kipling and Alice Kipling (nee MacDonald)

What is the birth name of Edward Kipling?

Edward Kipling's birth name is Richard Kipling.

How are Rudyard Kipling and lockwood related?

Joseph Rudyard Kipling's parents were named Alice Kipling (nee MacDonald) and John Lockwood Kipling.

Is Kipling single?

No, Kipling is not single.

Does Kipling have children?

Yes, Kipling has 3 kids.

Does Kipling have kids?

Yes, Kipling has 3 kids.

How many kids does Kipling have?

Kipling has 3 children

What actors and actresses appeared in Kipling Jr. - 1995?

The cast of Kipling Jr. - 1995 includes: Ryoko Noguchi as Kip Kipling Koji Yamamura as Yohann Kipling

When was Kipling born?

Rudyard Kipling was born on December 30, 1865.

Where did Rudyard Kipling studied?

Rudyard Kipling studied in England

When was Kipling Brand created?

Kipling Brand was created in 1987.