Kinds of narativ story

Updated: 12/15/2022
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Q: Kinds of narativ story
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Why a narative must learning in life...?

because the narativ story become example in our life..

What are the kinds of fables?

the different kinds of fables are: myth,legend,old story

Anu-ano ang layunin ng tekstong narativ?

ang texto ay narativ kung ito ay nagkukuwento o nag sasalaysay. nababatay ito sa pangyayaring nakita o nasaksihan,narinig o nabasa.naglalahad ito ng mga pangyayaring na tiyak kilos at galaw ng mga chelay of tanong high school.....

Magbigay ng halimbawa ng maikling kwento tungkol sa buhay estudyante tekstong narativ?

tanga ang nag basa

What kind of narration does Amy tan use to tell the story two kinds?

Amy Tan uses a first-person retrospective narration to tell the story "Two Kinds." The narrator looks back on her childhood and reflects on the events that shaped her relationship with her mother.

What is informativ narativ it is a FILIPINO subject?

"Informativ na Narativ" is a Filipino subject that focuses on informative writing and storytelling. It aims to develop students' skills in researching, organizing, and presenting information in a coherent and interesting way. Through this subject, students learn how to craft narratives that educate and engage readers.

What is six legged bookworms?

compare the two kinds of bookworms discussed in the story

What is two legged bookworm?

compare the two kinds of bookworms discussed in the story

What the two kinds of literature?

Novel Poem Drama Short Story Novella

Did the mother forgive her in the story two kinds?

Yes, in "Two Kinds" by Amy Tan, the mother eventually forgives her daughter after a period of conflict and misunderstanding. The story is ultimately about the complexities of the mother-daughter relationship and the ways in which they navigate cultural and generational differences.

What did the narrator call her piano teacher in the story two kinds?

She called him Old Chong, secretly.

What is two-legged and six-legged bookworms?

compare the two kinds of bookworms discussed in the story