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Q: Kailan naipatupad ang two childs policy sa singapore?
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How do you solve job shortage in Singapore?

We must at least have 30 opposition members so that they can speak their voices out when PAP starts a policy that affects job in Singapore.

Is Singapore's three or more child policy successful?

It was successful, until all the slags were killed off and then Singapore's population fell so much that it's the boring shithole it is today.

What has the author Soo Ann Lee written?

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What has the author Kai Hong Phua written?

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What can foreigners do to integrate into the Singapore culture?

Its already too late , Singapore culture has almost disappeared . This can be put on the shoulders of a government too occupied with foreign talent , cheap labour , and GDP . Singapore will now see the same problems of many countries with excessive immigration and a total lack of integration policy .

Can you use US dollars in Malaysia and Singapore?

No you can't. You would have to head to a money changer to exchange the Malaysian currency to Singapore dollars.

What has the author Chit Chung Ong written?

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How was China's one child policy relaxed?

if you have more than one child you pay a fine and if you a minortiy you can have more than one but otherwise it hasn't been.

What has the author Sanchita Basu Das written?

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What is Singapore's population policy?

As of 2011, Singapore has a registered population of 5.18million people. Of that, only 63% are Singaporean citizens. The total fertility rate in Singapore is 1.1 children per woman, way below the replacement rate and 3rd lowest in the world. Hence, the government attracts foreign talents into the workforce to keep the economy growing. 40% of people in Singapore are foreigners. To alleviate these problems, the government provides tax rebate for raising children. In addition, the government pays couples huge sums of money for each child they bear (e.g. SGD4000 for 1st baby). This is counter the problem of high cost of living in Singapore. Women also receive a 3 month paid maternity leave. To control the influx of foreigners, the government is considering to place a limit to the number of foreigners working in Singapore.

Can a Indian lic agent irda licence holder can sell a lic policy to Singapore citizen?

It depends. If the Singapore Citizen is working or living in India, you can sell medical or health insurance. Life insurance can be sold only if the person is planning on settling down in India. Life insurance policies from LIC can be sold only to citizens of India or immigrants who are settling down in India.