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Q: Kailan at sino ang nakabalik sa spain sa paglalayag ni magellan?
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Who else explored Spain with Ferdinand Magellan?

Christopher Columbus also explored Spain with Magellan

What countries sponsored Magellan?


Where Magellan sailed from?


Was Ferdinard Magellan buried in Spain or Portugal?


Who was the sponsor of Ferdinand Magellan?

The king of Spain, Charles V financed the voyage of Ferdinand Magellan.

How was Ferdinand Magellan's journey?

King Charles I of Spain was Magellan's benefactor.

Who is the king that Magellan serve?

Magellan served King Charles I of Spain.

Where did Magellan start his exploration?

Ferdinand Magellan's first voyage began in 1505

What nation did Magellan sail for?

Magellan sailed for Portugal and Spain at different times.

Sino si Magellan?

bakit naglingkod sa Spain si Magellan !!!!

For what country did Ferdinand Magellan sail or search?

Ferdinand Magellan Sailed from Spain

Who supported Ferdinand Magellan in his expedition?

Ferdinand Magellan was supported by Spain on his expedition.