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noong 1986 sa EDSA

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Q: Kailan at saan naganap ang People Power Revolution?
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What is the best reaction about People Power Revolution?

reaction people power revolution

Why is edsa called people power revolution?

because it is called people power revolution!!

When did People Power Revolution happen?

People Power Revolution happened on 25-02-22.

Edsa people power?

The EDSA revolution is sometimes called the People Power revolution which took place in 1986 in the islands of the Philippines.

What is the cause of People Power Revolution EDSA?

Human rights violations, government corruption, and electoral fraud were some of the major causes of the People Power Revolution (EDSA). The revolution led to the removal from power of President Ferdinand Marcos.

How did 1986 EDSA people power revolution inspire change in other countries?

= How did 1986 EDSA people power revolution inspire change in other countries? =

What was the fateful month of February in the edsa revolution?

The EDSA or People Power revolution was the term for the Filipino people power revolt on February 22-25, 1986. The revolution was to oust President Ferdinand Marcos from the position and from the palace.

How did the french revolution affect the system of balance of power?

The French Revolution affected the system of balance of power by having different people come into power in France. After the revolution there was more emphasis placed on individual interests.

What are the negative effects of having people power revolution?

The negative effects of having People Power Revolution include the downfall of a country's economy. It may also lead to violence and hurt innocent people.

How did the martial law end in the Philippines?

People power revolution

What did Cory Aquino do to the people of the Philippines?

She led the EDSA revolution/ People Power Revolution against Ferdinand Marcos and became president after him.