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Tagalog Translation of MI PRIMERA INSPIRASYON: my first inspiration

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Q: Kahulugan ng mi primera inspirasyon sa Tagalog?
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When was Mi primera novia created?

Mi primera novia was created in 1965.

What are the ratings and certificates for Mi primera boda - 2011?

Mi primera boda - 2011 is rated/received certificates of: Argentina:Atp

What does Mi Primera mean in English?

My first...

How do you say first daughter in spanish?

primera hija mi primera hija = my first daughter mi hija mayor = my oldest daughter

How do you say my first time in spanish?

Mi primera vez.

Translation of mi primera inspiracion to English?

"My first inspiration."

What does mi primera clase Los lunes mean?

My first class on Mondays.

What are the ratings and certificates for La primera noche de mi vida - 1998?

La primera noche de mi vida - 1998 is rated/received certificates of: Argentina:13 Finland:S Hungary:14

What does Mi amor pimeria y mi unica amor mean in English?

mi amor primera= my first love mi unica amor= my only love

What does this mean Mi primera mascota?

My first petor my first amuletmost likely the former

How do you say My First My One My Only True Love in Spanish?

You could say either "Mi primera, mi única, mi único amor verdadero" or "Mi primera, mi único amor verdadero." This is because 'my one' and 'my only' both translate to 'mi única/único' and it is somewhat redundant to say it twice. Because of this, I would choose the second option because it does not change the meaning and reduces redundancy.

What was the poem rizal dedicated for his mother?

Mi Primera Inspiracion ( My First Inspiration) which was dedicated to his mother on her birthday.

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