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Q: Kahalagahan ng filipino dish sa isang pamilya?
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What is the most popular filipino dish?

answer adobo

Why rizal eat the dish adobo?

Rizal is the National hero of the Philippines and adobo is a Filipino dish.

Does vanessa hate being Filipino?

No, she said in an interview in a filipino channel that she wants to go to Philippines. She loves the filipino dish that her mom cook which is Adobo.

What does chicken adobo represent?

It represents the invasion of the Philippines by the Spanish. Filipino's occured the recipe from them and it represents of how filipino we are. This dish dedicates Jose Rizal especially from stopping the slavery from spain.

What is nalaga?

its a nasty looking delicious tasting filipino dish with cabbage beef chicken broth greenbeans

What is pancit?

it is an original Chinese food that contains mainly of noodles mixed with vegetables and a little meatAnswerIt's a Filipino dish.

What is Bruno Mar's favorite meal?

He likes a Filipino dish Filipino Adobo. He calls it class! Don't believe me? Type in Bruno Mar's on YouTube where you'll see him answering fan mail. I LOVE YOU BRUNO <3

What is the national dish for manila?

The national food of the Philippines, is non other than the Filipino favorite, "adobo". The word adobo came from the Spanish word "adobar" meaning, "elbow".

Who was the persona of the poem pancit?

The persona in the poem “Pancit” is the speaker, who is reflecting on the tradition, history, and personal memories associated with preparing and eating pancit, a Filipino noodle dish. The speaker's observations and sentiments provide insight into the cultural significance and emotional connections tied to this dish.

What is the definition of the word chicharrones?

Chicharrones is a dish made out of deep fried pork rinds. They are often sold at a Mexican store, Filipino store, or grocery stores where they are eaten as a snack.

What is ginataang manok?

Ginataang manok is a Filipino dish, also known as "Chicken with Coconut Milk". It is a chicken sauteed and cooked with a combination of coconut milk, vegetables and seasoning. ^^

What is the plot of why sinigang by doreen fernandez?

"Why Sinigang" by Doreen Fernandez is a narrative essay that explores the cultural significance and personal memories associated with the Filipino dish sinigang. The plot revolves around the author's reflections on the complexity of sinigang's flavors and its connection to Filipino identity, history, and heritage. Through her storytelling, Fernandez delves into the emotional and sensory experiences that sinigang evokes, highlighting its role as a comfort food that embodies the richness of Filipino culinary heritage.