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ambut anu gni to auhh

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Q: Isyu sa expo Filipino noong panahon ni pangulong ramos?
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Ano ang programang panlipunan ni pangulong Fidel V Ramos?

ang kilusang panlipunan ay binuo ni pangulong marcos noong 1992 at nabigyang bisa noong 2000

When did fidel ramos died?

noong birthday ng tae mo

What is the theme for linggo ng wika 2011?

First, it is not Linggo ng Wika 2011 but Buwan ng Wika 2011. (Proklamasyon Blg. 1041 na nilagdaan ni Pangulong Fidel V. Ramos noong ika-15 ng Enero, 1997) Ang theme ngayong 2011 ay "Ang Wikang Filipino ay Panlahat, Ilaw at Lakas sa Tuwid na Landas"

What nationality is ramos?

Latin, hispanic, mexican, filipino,...

Henry j ramos and his contribution?

Henry Ramos is the first Filipino plasma physicist, and does extensive work with titanium nitride.

Mga problema na hinarap ni Fedil Ramos noong siya ay pangulo ng pilipinas?

Kahanga hangang ginawa ni fidel ramos kanyang pagkapangulo sa pilipinas

Who is the famous Filipino that created the board game Salpakan or Games of the Generals?

fidel v. ramos

Who are the Filipino webmasters?

here some Filipinos wemmasters! Nommer Rojero Carlo Tondares Rexell Santiano Sam Ramos

Who was the first Filipino in the world?

The first known Filipino to circumnavigate the globe was Enrique de Malacca, who was a slave and interpreter for the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan during the 16th century expedition.

Who are some Filipino politicians who play golf?

Fidel V. Ramos, former President of the Philippines is a staunch supporter of golf and golfers in the Philippines.

Who is nathalia Ramos mother?

michelle ramos

What is the birth name of Apache Ramos?

Apache Ramos's birth name is Gregory Roland Ramos.