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Q: Iskulturang ng nakawalang dragon
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What is the Chinese for Blue Dragon in pinyin?

When transcribed into pinyin chinese, "Blue Dragon" (or "Azure Dragon" as the symbol of Chinese constellations is usually translated) reads "Qinglong." It is also referred to as the "Azure Dragon of the East," or "D?ng F?ng Q?ng L—ng."

What actors and actresses appeared in Hands of the Dragon - 2009?

The cast of Hands of the Dragon - 2009 includes: Philip Ng as Jack Lee Anant Vardhan as Jay

How do you say Earth Dragon in Chinese?

Earth Dragon in Chinese is written as 地龙 (dì lóng).

What Asian actress has a daughter that the Hong King Press refers to as Little Dragon Girl?

Elaine Ng

Asian actress who has a daughter who the hong kong press refers to as the little dragon girl?


What Asian actress has a daughter that the hong kong press refers to as little dragon girl mother?

Elaine Ng

Ano ang mga bansa ng hilagang asya?

kazakhstankyrgystanrussiatajikistanturkmenistanuzbekistanthat's all hoping that i can help... some from

What is little dragon girl's real name?

Elaine Ng, or Ng Yi-Lei, a former Miss Asia (1990), gave birth to a daughter, Etta Ng Chok Lam, born November 19,1999. The Hong Kong press surmised that her father was Jackie Chan, but no verification has been made on that as of yet.

How do you breed plant dragon?

Because the Plant Dragon is the first dragon you buy, it costs 100 DragonCash. If you want to breed it, Plant and Plant. Same thing with Earth, or Fire Dragons.

What actors and actresses appeared in Dance Dance Dragon - 2012?

The cast of Dance Dance Dragon - 2012 includes: Dennis Chew as Lucy Meng Lai as Mother Loong Kym Ng as Ah Mei Adrian Pang as Eric Tan

What actors and actresses appeared in Bakas ng dragon - 1964?

The cast of Bakas ng dragon - 1964 includes: Lydia Aguilar Gina Alonzo Abelardo Cortes Eddie Fernandez Miriam Jurado Eva Montes Adora Neri Fred Param Bruno Punzalan Ruby Regala Celia Rodriguez Nancy Roman Tommy Romulo Ruben Rustia Paquito Toledo Vicky Velasquez

What actors and actresses appeared in Ah Long dik goo si - 1989?

The cast of Ah Long dik goo si - 1989 includes: Joe Chu as Motorcyle Racer Denny Ng Oi Sam Tsui as Fat Woman at Tug-of-War Man Tat Ng as Dragon Ng Kwan Yuen Wong as Porky Yeung