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Q: Is florante at Laura an example of dulang duplo?
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Example of duplo and karagatan in Philippine literature?

Duplo and Karagatan are bothpoetic something. Only that Karagatan is a poetic vehicle of a socio-religious nature celebrated during the death of a person while Duplo is a poetic joust in apeaking and reasoning.

When was Lego Duplo created?

Lego Duplo was created in 1969.

What does duplo mean?

It means twice.Eg;duplo click/click twice= two clicks

What actors and actresses appeared in Sexo Duplo - 2004?

The cast of Sexo Duplo - 2004 includes: Lisa Cock

Where are some good places to look for a duplo train?

The Duplo train was created by Lego, and comes in many different kits. Lego has an official website which sells their Duplo trains. They can be found on Amazon as well.

What are some accessories available for the Train Duplo?

There are many accessory sets for DUPLO Trains. Most accessory sets include rails, bridges and stations. There is also a variety of trains to use with your DUPLO Trains tracks.

How can you use the duplo possessive?

The noun Duplo is a proper noun, the name of a specific product and a trademark of The Lego Group.The possessive form of the proper noun is Duplo's.Example use: Duplo's products are designed for young children.

Where can one purchase a Duplo Zoo set?

Duplo Zoo is a variant of a construction block set manufactured by Lego. One can buy Duplo at most toy stores around the world. Try a store close to your home.

Duplo in the Philippines - meaning?


Are legos small?

yes besides Duplo. :-)

Mga uri ng duplo?


What actors and actresses appeared in Sexo Duplo 2 - 2005?

The cast of Sexo Duplo 2 - 2005 includes: Kid Bengala Lisa Cock