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Q: Is basil leaf the same as laurel leaf in tagalog?
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Why does Basil have blackish brown spots that take up almost the whole leaf on it?

Basil with dark spots on it is aging and not fresh.

Is tukhme malanga same as Basil seeds?

No, it is not Basil.

Are tulsi and basil same?

Indian Basil is known as Tulsi. Tulsi is having a stronger flavor than normal Basil. Otherwise both are same.

Is thyme and oregano same?

They both have very different flavours, different usages and different leaf shapes.

What is tej patha in English?

It is "bay leaf"... in broader sense YES it is called bay leaf, But real TEJ-PAATA in Indian means a particular variety. Note the following found in wikipedia: Indian bay leaf" (also tej pat, tejpat, tejpata तेजपत्ता or Tamalpatra तमालपत्र or Biryani aaku or Bagaara aaku or Palav aaku in Telugu or Punnai ilai in Tamil) In appearance, the leaf of the malabatrum tree is similar to the other bay leaves, but is culinarily quite different, having a fragrance and taste similar to Cinnamomum_aromaticum bark, but milder. In culinary terms, it is misleading to call it bay leaf because it is of a different genus from the bay laurel tree, does not taste the same as the bay laurel leaf, and cannot be used in cooking as a substitute for the bay laurel leaf.Thanks

What is the tagalog term for ginseng?

Ginseng is the same in Tagalog as it is in English.

What is the tagalog spelling of the word facilitator?

In Tagalog it is spelt the same way as in English.

What is the Tagalog of she?

She means "Siya", it's the same as 'He' in tagalog eventhough 'She' is referring to a female and He is referring to a male the tagalog translation of She or He is "SIYA".

How much dried basil is equal to 1 tbsp fresh basil?

One teaspoon of dried basil is equal to 1 Tablespoon of fresh basil. This ratio is the same for all fresh and dried herbs.

What is stigmatized in tagalog?

It is the same.

What is basil called in English?

The same word in English...Basil, less well known as Saint Josephs Wort

What are the example of words that has same meaning which express in tagalog?

gusto in Tagalog which means you want eagerly is same with the English word gusto.