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Q: In the story of The Two brothers why did the wife get jealous of bata?
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What is plot of the story of the two brothers bata and anpu?

The story of the two brothers, Bata and Anpu, is an ancient Egyptian myth that involves betrayal, vengeance, and transformation. Anpu's wife tries to seduce Bata, but he refuses her advances. In retaliation, she lies to Anpu, claiming that Bata tried to seduce her. Anpu believes her and tries to kill Bata, who is then transformed into a bull to escape. Bata's adventures and eventual return to settle the score with Anpu form the main plot of the story.

What are the problems and the solution faced by Anpu and Bata in the tale of the two brothers in the story?

Anpu's wife falsely accuses Bata of making advances towards her, leading Anpu to believe her and try to kill Bata. Bata flees, but faces hardships in the form of a menacing lion and a river that prevents him from returning home. Ultimately, the two brothers are reconciled through the help of a magical tree that gifts Bata with advice on how to prove his innocence and reunite with Anpu.

What is the b00k 123p012t of the 2 13120th312s?

Characters: Anpu: Older brother of Bata. he was the one who'm bata treatedas father, Bata: Younger brother, he was the boy whom had a kind hearted and full of love for his one's. he is also the one whom the god's gave wife.. Anpu's wife: A liar and deceitfulness ones..who was treated by bata as her mother and yet she wanted to make love with him..a jealousy one who was for the closeness of the 2 brothers... Nine GOds and Ra: the Gods who really helped bata when needed.. Bata's wife: She is the beautiful woman whom Ra gave for bata.. Theme: It is a bout a two brothers who worked on fields together loved together ..Closed with each other.They overcome all circumstances in other to live happily in Egypt,... Setting: In the country Egypt to be specifiable,,, in a Field and a kingdom.. Conflict: When the two brothers fought each other because of the liarness of anpu's wife ., she pretended to be beaten up by bata and force to make love... Summary: Anpu and bata's guardian died early,they were orphaned. Anpu's wife was treated by Bata as Mother and anpu's the father.The brothers worked hard in the fields everyday but One day, while they are shortened on the seeds Bata was ordered to went home to gather some seed on he field..Bata went home but the wife of anpu's wanted to make love with him but he refused because she's like a mother to him. Because of the longness anpu decided to go home and check what's happening and his wife pretended that she was beaten up by bata and rolled the situation..anpu got angry to bata but the truthness overcome and let bata to explain what really happened...On the way home anpu saw her wife washing the fake bruises, because of eagerness he accidentally killed her wife..Bata journeyed a lot to find the valley and their live peacefully but sorrowful and for that the god's gave him a wife which he treasured the most. Resolution: When Bata knew his brother wanted to kill him and ran away he prayed to god to let him explained and be saved..The God's putted crocodiles on the river between the brothers, and for that the two brothers talked what really happened... Moral Learned: We must pray to God in anything we do and want..And if it is for the goodness of all, surely God would give it...Never let angryness overcome the feelings..We should think on what we really do before doing things that you might regret ......

What is the theme of the two brothers Egyptian folktale?

The story centers around two brothers; Anubis, the elder, who is married and looks after the younger Bata. The brothers work together, farming land and raising cattle. One day, Anubis' wife attempts to seduce Bata, but he rejects her advances. The wife then tells her husband that his brother attempted to seduce her. In response to this, Anubis attempts to kill Bata, who flees and prays to Re-Harakhti to save him. The god creates a crocodile-infested lake between the two brothers, across which Bata is finally able to appeal to his brother and share his side of the events. To emphasize his sincerity, Bata severs his genitalia and throws them into the water, where a catfish eats them. Bata states that he is going to the Valley of the Cedar, where he will place his heart on the top of the blossom of a cedar tree, so that if it is cut down Anubis will be able to find it and allow Bata to become alive again. Bata tells Anubis that if he is ever given a jar of beer that froths, he should know to seek out his brother. After hearing of his brother's plan, Anubis returns home and kills his wife. Meanwhile, Bata is establishing a life in the Valley of the Cedar, building a new home for himself. Bata comes upon the Ennead, or the principal Egyptian deities, who take pity on him. Khnum, the god who is frequently depicted in Egyptian mythology as having fashioned humans on a potters' wheel, creates a wife for Bata. Because of her divine creation, Bata's wife is sought after by the pharaoh. When he succeeds in bringing her to live with him, she tells him to cut down the tree in which Bata has put his heart. They do so, and Bata dies. Anubis then receives a frothy jar of beer, and sets off to the Valley of the Cedar. He searches for his brother's heart for more than three years, finding it at the beginning of the fourth year. He follows Bata's instructions and puts the heart in a bowl of cold water, and as predicted, Bata is resurrected. He then takes the form of a bull and goes to see his wife and the pharaoh. His wife, aware of his presence as a bull, asks the pharaoh if she may eat his liver. The bull is then sacrificed, and two drops of Bata's blood fall, from which grow two Persea trees. Bata, now in the form of a tree, again addresses his wife, and again she appeals to the pharaoh to cut down the Persea trees and use them to make furniture. As this is happening, a splinter ends up in the wife's mouth, impregnating her. She eventually gives birth to a son, whom the pharaoh ultimately makes crown prince. When the pharaoh dies, the crown prince (a resurrected Bata) becomes king, and he appoints his elder brother Anubis as crown prince. The story ends happily, with the brothers at peace with one another and in control of their country.

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