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mahal ang bayad sa eskwelahan ng South Korea

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Q: Ilarawan ang sistema ng edukasyon sa South Korea?
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What is South Korea's elevation?

What is the elevation of South Korea and North Korea>

In East Asia what two independent countries are located on a peninsula?

the Korean peninsula: includes both south and north Korea

Who help South Korea?

South Korea help itself.

What is Samsung home country?

It is South Korea's! Also LG is South Korea's

Is Seoul the capital of North or South Korea?

Seoul is the capital and largest city of South Korea, and it is the 5th largest city in the world.

Samsung is born in which country?

samsung belongs to South Korea also LG belongs to South Korea

The governmants of North Korea and South Korea?

North Korea- Communist South Korea- Presidental

Which of the Korea among north Korea and south Korea is more developed country?

South Korea

Is South Korea communist country?

North Korea is communist, South Korea is democratic. Which means South Korea is not a communist.^0^

What countries borders south Korea to the south?

South Korea is a peninsula, so only the sea borders Korea to the south.

Is South Korea in the middle east?

No, South Korea is not in the Middle East but South Korea is in East Asia.

Are there moose and bears in South Korea?

There are no moose in south korea. There are asian black bears in south korea.