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Q: Ibinubudbud mismo ang mga pataba sa tumutubong halaman?
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How do you say himself in spanish?

Self in Spanish is- "sí mismo"mismo mm well could be yo mismo (my self}el mismo ( him self{tu mismo( your self}ti mismo( your self }and there is an example 'el solamente lo hizo solo' ( he just did it by himself) something like this i hope i can help you

What does estas ahora mismo mean?

ahora mismo = right now. Donde estas ahora mismo = where are you right now.

What does lo mismo mean in English?

misma means the same in spanish.Hoe this helps

How do you say the same in spanish?

el mismo tamaño la misma talla (clothes size) el mismo número (shoe size)

How you say same in spanish?

The adjective meaning "same" is 'mismo' (misma for feminine terms). "The same" is 'el mismo' (la misma) or 'lo mismo' (same action). Examples: They have the same name - Tienen el mismo nombre He always does the same thing - Siempre hace lo mismo

When was Soy el Mismo created?

Soy el Mismo was created in 1991.

What does el mismo mean in spanish?

It means "The same". If there were an accent over the 'e', it would mean 'he, himself'.

How do you say MYSELF in spanish'?

It is "yo mismo"Example:I wrote it myselfYo mismo lo escribí

When was Con un mismo corazón created?

Con un mismo corazón was created in 1997.

When was No Es lo Mismo created?

No Es lo Mismo was created on 2006-09-26.

When was Por el mismo camino created?

Por el mismo camino was created in 1952.

Where to get ako mismo dog tag?

You may check They sell AKO MISMO dogtags. Thanks.