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Q: How the world begun in maranao version?
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How was the world created in the maranao version?

the interesting things including interesting stories

What are the three version of the first monkey?

Iloko, Maranao, Tagalog

Who are the characters in the origin of the world maranao story?

The Origin of This World (Maranao) is by Damiana L. Eugenio. Characters include the Haribanga dwarfs and Rajah Indarapatra.

How the world is created according to maranao?


Does the story of the origin of this world by the maranao qualify as a legend why or why not?

The story "The Origin of this World" by the Maranao qualifies as a legend. It is a Philippine myth that follows reported folklore, not documented fact, about how the world was created.

What do you know maranao?

maranao have colorfull dresses

What are the maranao?

maranao is life nife

What is magandang araw in Maranao?

Magandang umaga in maranao translation Mapiya a kapipitaMagandang hapon in maranao translation Mapiya a khagabiMagandang gabi in maranao translation mapiya a gagawi-i

What else do i want to know about maranao?

the maranao is the basically of malay

What is sentence with the words phase out in it?

As the new version was ready to be put on sale, they had begun to phase out the old version.

Can we qualify the origin of this world by the Maranao is a myth?

does the story the origin of this world by the maranaws qualify as myths

What is the language maranao?

Depending on the region, the Maranao people of the Philippines speak any of the following:MaranaoChavacanoCebuanoFilipinoEnglish