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Q: How each component affect the family members daily activity?
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Does the family values affect the family members?

Yes it does.

How do social evils affect a family and a community?

how do social evils affect the family and community

How does immigration affect their family relations with their family members from their native country?

It dosent

Sexual activity between family members who are not husband and wife is called?


How does orienteering differ. Than jogging?

An orienteering is a fun activity that the whole family can participate in. It is a core component of most adventure races. It is a great sport for runners who want a new element of challenge in their fitness routine, but it is also a fun way to get the family out of the house and working as a team. !An orienteering is a fun activity that the whole family can participate in. It is a core component of most adventure races.

How did deaths of family members affect Andrew Jackson life?

It affected president andrew's life because those were the only family members and that meant a lot to him. Andrew Jackson was the only president who had all family members killed.

What do extended family do together?

Members of an extended family do togehter whatever they care to. There is no standard activity or rule that says they must do this or may not do that together.

How does Alcoholism affect family members?

Terribly. Contact "Alanon" for relief from these horriffic affects.

How does panic disorder affect family members?

I have panic disorder ........ it does but they are not mad they want to help because they are your family!...belive me .. i know

Is Crohns disease a genetic disorder?

There is a genetic component as family members of affected people are more likely to get it, however, most people with Crohn's Disease do not have affected family members so there are other factors that are probably more important.

Alcohol addiction carries a strong genetic component?

Does alcohol addiction carry a strong genetic component? * It is possible. Several studies have pointed out that alcoholism is more likely in someone who has family members that are alcoholics.

What has the author Cynthia Gray written?

Cynthia Gray has written: 'Political activity by members of a judge's family' -- subject(s): Judges' spouses, Judicial ethics, Political activity