How do you use shira bell?

Updated: 12/14/2022
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pindutin ang naglalarawan na enter at hold baba

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Q: How do you use shira bell?
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How do you get shira bell?

First, you must have Zim Survival Mode unlocked. Play on Difficulty Level 9. Continues don't matter. At the end, Shira Bell should appear. After you defeat her, go to the main menu and start another game in Story Mode. Highlight Bubbles, then press Enter and hold Down. The highlight should be on Bell, but instead it should say 'Shira Bell'. Then press G, and you can play as Shira Bell!

How do you unlock shira bell survival in ppgd battle in megaville?

have sex with her

How do you select shira bell in battle in megaville?

If you've already unlocked her, go to Story Mode. When the character select screen comes up, highlight Bubbles, press enter, and hold down. It will be highlighted as Bell now, but their should be a thing saying 'Play As Shira Bell'

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