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ENGLISH TRANSLATION: So disgusting! We stop working just now. Seems it just weekends. So tiring!

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Q: How do you translate this Tagalog text conversation to English haizz kainiz now lang kami ng off prng weekends lng ah kapagod kea?
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Can you translate story English to Tagalog?

No, I can't - but others may be able to translate "Story English" to "Tagalog".

Dictionary English tagalog?

A dictionary app or website like Google Translate can help you translate English words to Tagalog. Just enter the word you want to translate and select English to Tagalog as the language option. This will give you the Tagalog equivalent of the English word along with its definition.

Poems in English translate in Tagalog?

"blinded by You"

What witty in tagalog?

The word "maukol" in Tagalog can generally translate to "witty" in English.

Tagalog term of vegetable and translate to English?

Tagalog:GulayEnglish:Vegetable / Vegetables

Translate to chavacano to English and tagalog?

I can help with that. Please provide the text you'd like translated into Chavacano, English, and Tagalog.

Are there any trustworthy websites that can translate words from English to tagalog?

Yes, websites like Google Translate,, and are reputable sources for translating words from English to Tagalog. However, it's always good practice to double-check translations with a native speaker if possible for accuracy and nuances.

How do you translate 'argumentation' in Tagalog?

"Argumentation" in Tagalog language would be "pakikipagbalitaktakan" or you could also say "pakikipagtalo" because they just have almost the same meaning thought the latter is most commonly used in daily conversation.

How to translate grooming in Filipino?

The English word "grooming" if translated to Tagalog or Filipino language would be: magandang magdamit or magandang manamit, maayos magdamit or maayos manamit (rarely used in daily conversation).

How do you translate tagalog sentence to English sentence?

To translate a Tagalog sentence to an English sentence, you have to understand the meaning of each word in Tagalog and then accurately express that meaning in English while considering proper grammar and phrasing. It can be helpful to break down the sentence into its components and focus on conveying the original message effectively. Practice and familiarity with both languages will also aid in producing accurate translations.

How do you translate the Tagalog term of kabaong in English?

ewan ko ba ako pang tinanng mo pangit

How do you translate the Tagalog term of malas in English?

The Tagalog term "malas" translates to "bad luck" or "unfortunate" in English.