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pangkawkaw ng puet mo ang tae ang most important ingredients nyan

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Q: How do you make an investigatory project out of orange peel?
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Can you give me a simple Chemistry investigatory project please?

how to make a banana peel burger

How can you used peel of lansones investigatory project?

The peel of lanzones can be used in an investigatory project to test its potential as a natural dye for fabrics or to explore its medicinal properties by extracting compounds for antimicrobial or antioxidant studies. Additionally, the peel can be evaluated for its potential as an organic fertilizer or insect repellent in agriculture experiments.

How can you used peel of orange turns into glue's investigatory project?

easy.. and the product is not "glue"... it's actually "SUPER GLUE".. anyway.. just use polystyrene.. but before that .. turn your orange peels into orange oil.. just boil it. then when it's done pour it at your polystyrene .. ( P.s. it will melt) and there u go..

How do you make orange peel lip gloss?

First, peel an orange, then... rub it all over your lips!! ;)

Do you peel the oranges and apples before putting them into the turkey?

Orange peels will make you have a stomach ache. Apples are your choice to peel them or not.

Can an orange peel be used to make orange chicken?

Yes because without the orange peel will not have the orange flavor and it would not be an orange chicken anymore it would just be chicken

Why does the peeling the orange make it sink?

because the orange peel is full of trapped air bubbles .the peel makes it light for its size

Citrus fruit whose peel is usually candied?

Orange, lime and lemon peel are normally used to make candid peel.

Is orange peel between orange and amber?

Yes. Orange peel is between orange and amber.

Orange is to peel as cheese is to?

Orange is to peel as cheese is to

How does an orange peel decompose?

Bacteria and molds found in nature eat the organic compounds that make up the orange peel, and that over time changes the orange peel into soil (dirt).

What is orange peel and where is it avaiable?

There are 2 types of orange peel; candied and plain. Candied orange peel is used in baking (fruit cakes, cookies) and plain orange peel is used in savory dishes and sauces. It can be purchased in spice jars or homemade. To make it at home thinly shave or grate the orange part of the peel from a fresh orange. Do not include the white "pith" as it is bitter. To sweeten it boil it in sugar water and dry overnight.