How do you make a girl chubby?

Updated: 11/11/2022
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hurt her..

it will stress her..

kakain sya ng maraming chocolates..

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Q: How do you make a girl chubby?
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What weight would you consider chubby for a girl of 5'3?

According to the BMI chart, a girl who is 5'3 shouldn't weigh more than 130 pounds. This may make her appear chubby.

What if your chubby and the girl doesn't like it how do you make the girl like it?

You ether drop some wight or every day compliment yourself.

Would Justin Bieber ever date a fat or chubby girl?

he may or may not like " fat or chubby girls " that is he's choices to make and you'll have to respect that choices ...

Can you do gymnastics but you are a chubby girl?


How can you find chubby girl?

At mcdonalds

Would you rather date a girl if she was kinda chubby and pretty or skinny and unattractive?

Kinda chubby and pretty because i am

Would Niall Horan date a chubby girl?


What are the release dates for Emo Girl - 2009 Chubby Bunny 1-3?

Emo Girl - 2009 Chubby Bunny 1-3 was released on: USA: 3 February 2010

Why do boys think that a girl is fat but shes really chubby?

Not all boys think chubby girls are fat. In fact, some boys as they mature prefer to see a girl with some meat on her bones and don't care for the super thin girls. Don't judge a book by it's cover regarding all boys thinking a chubby girl is unattrative.

What does it mean when you look 6 months pregnant and you are not?

probably that the girl is a bit chubby...

What does BBW meean?

it stands for Big Beautiful Women(fat or chubby girl)

What can a skinny girl do to look chubby?

Stop exercising and start eating..... Lots of food!!