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Ang baho ng cassava paste talaga na talaga..............................

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Q: How do you make a cassava paste?
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What is cassava products?

Cassava products are the products produced from cassava, a kind of tuber, which is a staple in some African countries. Most Asian countries also use these products. The common products from cassava are cassava paste (steamed or unsteamed), cassava chips and flour, cassava granules (steamed or toasted), and the fresh roots of cassava. Other products produced from cassava are casava breads,alcohol,starch,pudding etc.

How do you make chalk from cassava?

The food cassava is the starchy root of the cassava shrub.It must be prepared and cooked correctly or it is toxic.The method required depends on the size and variety of the root. Most methods involve allowing the peeled, or peeled and ground root to steep in water, and the water is then discarded. The discarded water contains toxins.One method is the mixing of the ground cassava with water into a thick paste, which is then left in a thin layer exposed to the air for at least 5 hours.

Which plants roots are ground to make porridge?


Which is a dicot sugarcane cassava banana coconut?

Sugarcane is a monocot, while cassava, banana, and coconut are dicots. Dicots have two seed leaves, while monocots have one seed leaf. This classification is based on the number of cotyledons in the plant's seed.

A plant whose roots are ground to make porridge?

Cassava is a plant with roots that can be ground into flour to make porridge. Cassava is a starchy root vegetable commonly used in many cuisines around the world.

What is a slogan for the cassava?

cassava is cool

How do you say Cassava in Swahili?

mhogo (cassava)

How is cassava beer made?

The Caribs made cassava beer by chewing the cassava in their mouth and then spits it out to get it rich.

What is the density of cassava or cassava chips?

The density of cassava or cassava chips can vary depending on factors such as moisture content and processing methods. On average, the density of cassava is approximately 1.2 g/cm3. Cassava chips, which are dried and processed slices of cassava, may have a slightly higher density due to the removal of moisture during the drying process.

What is Ubugali?

Cassava Porridge ---- Cassava is a root vegetable.

What are the uses of potato?

In Sierra Leone cassava leaf has three main uses. Primarily, it is used as a sauce and is usually eaten with rice. Such usage has spread to other countries in West Africa. Secondly, it is used as feed for cattle, goats and sheep. The animals either eat the leaves off the live plant or the leaves are fed to them after harvest. Finally, the leaves have medicinal values when ground int a paste.

What is the stressed syllable for cassava?

Cassava is stressed on the second syllable.