How do you describe ateries?

Updated: 12/15/2022
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ng malaki

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Q: How do you describe ateries?
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How many ateries and capillaries do children have?

there's 12 ateries

What do ateries do?


Supplies blood to the lungs?

the pulmonary ateries

What does a arteriole do?

they are just smaller versions of ateries

What do ateries carry?

Blood coming from the heart.

What is the throbbing of the ateries?

the end of the heart sky of your butt

What disease causes a narrowing of the coronary ateries?


Why is the blood in your ateries is under high pressure?

Cos is fit

What is the color of ateries?

Well An Ateriey Is A Blood Vessel Isn't It, & they Carry Blood, Now If You Have Ever Cut Yourself Then You Will Se Red Blood Because It Is Oxedised Blood, THe Same Stuff That Ateries Carrry. (Although Veins Carry Deoxodised Blood, The Oxegen In The Atmosphere Oxedises It) so Ateries Are Coloured By The Blood & Are Therefore Red.

What is a blood clot in the ateries leading to the brain?

A blood clot in an artery is an aneurysm.

Why was the saber-toothed tiger teeth easy to break?

the teeth were hollow with veins and ateries running through

What blood vessel allows a forceful flow of blood?

the answer can be veins or ateries or venules or capillaries... sorry i really do not know the answer... hehehe... :)