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Yawa kaayo ang economics. Daghan kaayo pa answeran si sir Flores! 4 ka chapter! Ambak mo centrio oi! Ni upgrade nadaw, karun 2015 kay 6 na ka chapter. Goodbye ni graduate nako! HAHAHA

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Q: How do extensive savings campaign effect us?
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How did the German U boat campaign effect US public opinion?

US citizens were probably wondering why the British didn't learn their lesson the first time (in WWI).

What was the us campaign against the Japanese called?

The Pacific Campaign.

Can your you sign savings bonds over to someone?

No, US Savings Bonds are not transferable.

Where to cash a US savings bond?

Cash a savings bond at any bank.

Where can one find a US Savings Bond Calculator?

One can find a US Savings Bond Calculator online. The treasury provides websites with US Savings Bond Calculators as well as aid for one to learn about the bonds.

Explain Keynesian Economics and how did the US put this theory into effect?

During the 80's the massive tax cuts in the U.S lead to a rise in interest rate and have no effect on private savings as opposed to what the neo classical economics have predicted.

What different types of national savings account are available in the US?

In the US, one of the main types of national savings accounts available are the EASA (The Easy Access Savings Account) it is also a new type of savings & investment ordinary accounts.

What foiled US Grant's US Civil War Overland campaign in 1864?

As events turned out, neither General Grant nor his commanders could accurately gauge the difficulties the Overland campaign would meet. Grant's forces were far greater in numbers and overall strength, however, no one predicted the extensive use of field fortifications that Lee's engineers had constructed. This became a huge problem for the Union and the idea, that if the Overland campaign plans were executed, the war would be almost over.

How do you get savings bonds?

The US Treasury no longer offers paper savings bonds. In order to purchase a savings bond, you will need to register at their website and purchase digital savings bonds.

Do you include US Savings Bonds as savings or investment income?

Interest income from US Savings Bonds is subject to Federal ordinary income taxes, but not state or local taxes. Please see the related link. ===================================

What is the average us retirement savings?


What is the average retirement savings in the US?

The average retirement savings in the US is $210,000. Men have an average of $235,000 and women only have $150,000 saved for retirement.