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from bulacan, get off at any bus station near cubao.

catch the calumpang Jeep along aurora boulevard or within araneta center.

when on a. bonifacio avenue, you may get off anywhere between loyola

memorial park and the marikina bridge.

lopez-jaena street is parallel to a. bonifacio avenue, so take any perpendicular road perpendicular to a. bonifacio and it will lead you to your destination.

landmarks on lopez-jaena street are the taniong brgy hall and taniong high school on its south end, manila bay spinning mills at the street midpoint and (part of the ) marikina river park on its north end.

you wont get lost, people from marikina are always accommodating!

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Q: How do I travel to Lopez Jaena Street Barrio Tanong Marikina City from Bulacan?
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