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Q: Hangad ni Hermano Pule noon at ngayon patuloy na paunlarin ang Quezon?
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Postal code in quezon city?


What is Quezon's population?

The population of Quezon is 1,987,030.

Who are the siblings of manuel l quezon?

pedro quezon

Where is Quezon located?

Quezon City is near Manila, in the Philippines.

When was Quezon created?

Quezon was created on 1901-03-02.

Who is manuel Luis m quezon?

el l. quezon

What is the area of Quezon?

The area of Quezon is 8,706.6 square kilometers.

What is the full name of Manuel Quezon?

manuel luis m. quezon

What is quezon city day?

because it is is the birthday of manuel l. quezon

What are the programs implimented by manuel l quezon?

manuel quezon program?

Who were the parents of Manuel L Quezon?

Maria Dolores Molina and Lucio Quezon.

Where is the branch near in quezon city?

Sikatuna Branch Kamuning Quezon City