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Q: Halimbawa ng mang-aawit na may tinig na tenor?
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Sinong mangaawit na babae ang may tinig na alto?

Lea Salonga,Regine Velasquez,Lani Misalucha,Charice Pempengco,Sarah Geronimo

What are the release dates for The Ranch Tenor - 1911?

The Ranch Tenor - 1911 was released on: USA: 29 May 1911

What are the release dates for Tony the Tenor - 1913?

Tony the Tenor - 1913 was released on: USA: 15 May 1913

Which is higher first tenor or second tenor?

As a rule of thumb the first tenor part in a TTBB arrangement will be the melody and likely mostly be higher in pitch than the second tenor, but that may not always be true.In Barbershop Quartet, the division is Bass/Baritone/Lead/Tenor, and in that the Tenor is nearly always higher.

What is the best brand of tenor saxophone?

A great tenor for anyone is Jupiter. It has great tone quality, may play out of tune when playing high notes.

Can a alto saxophone mouth pieceChang with a tenor?

No. It may be possible to force an alto mouthpiece on a tenor neck or to seal a tenor mouthpiece on an alto neck, but the sax won't play properly in tune with the wrong size mouthpiece.

Is robbie Williams a baritone or a tenor?

He may be both... he certainly has between four and five octaves in his range, which is pretty impressive; he can shriek and growl.

May koleksyon ng mga kuwento at sanaysay na pinamagatang ''akoy isang tinig''?

May koleksyon nito ay si christian brian r. Gicole

Ano ang mga halimbawa ng liham patnugot?

halimbawa: pag-aaral ng may silbi sa paaralan.....

Ano ang halimbawa ng pangungusap na may ugnayan?


Who are tenor singers?

Jonathan Antoine may go down in history as one of the greatest tenor singers of all-time. As Jonathan sings, it seems like he becomes the music. Luciano Pavarotti is one of the most well-known tenor singers in the world.

Halimbawa ng mabagal na tempo?

awiting may mabagal na tempo