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Gebernador Heneral Joise E. Vargas

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Q: Gobernador heneral Jose basco y vargas?
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Sino si gobernador-heneral Jose basco?

Isang heneral Maynila

Sino ang nagtatag ng monopolyo ng tabako?

gobernador-heneral jose basco

Mga patakarang pangkabuhayan ni hen Jose basco?

patakaran ni jose basco

Sino ang nagtatag ng monopolyo ng tabako sa Pilipinas?

Gob. Heneral Jose Basco Kung mali ako sabihin nyo

Why did Governor-General Jose Basco y Vargas wish to promote the economic progress of the Philippines?

Jose Basco y Vargas is of Jewish descend from Malaca, Andalucia, Spain. He knows how Spain ruled over his subjects, and he wanted Philippines to be independent from the Colony. So, he promoted one of the Philippines product, the tobacco that later on the country would stand and become free.

Panawag sa tao pagdadaglat at inisyal?

Panawag sa Tao (titles) ex. Heneral, Kapitan, Gobernador, Doktor, Ginang, Ginoo, Binibini Pagdadaglat (abbreviations) ex. Heneral - Hen. Kapitan - Kap. Gobernador - Gob. Doktor - Dr. Ginang - Gng. Ginoo - G. Binibini - Bb. Inisyal (initials) ex. Jose Protacio Rizal - J.P.R.

Sino ang governador at heneral na nagpatapon kay Jose Rizal?

Sino ang governador at heneral na nagpatapon kay Jose rizal

When was Jose Antonio Vargas born?

Jose Antonio Vargas was born on 1981-02-03.

Jose basco at ang repormang pangkabuhayan?

sad dsa dsad sa

When was Jose Manuel Vargas Martinez born?

Jose Manuel Vargas Martinez was born on December 21, 1930, in Mexico City, Mexico.

Who is governor-general jose basco?

he proclaim the real compania de filipinas in 1785

When did Jose Manuel Vargas Martinez die?

Jose Manuel Vargas Martinez died on October 19, 2001, in Mexico City, Mexico of respiratory failure.

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