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Q: Give the whole story of walang sugat?
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Level with someone?

To level with someone is to tell the truth, the whole truth, and give them the whole story, as to make them "level with you"

Can you give me the whole story of the case of whiteheads?

mao gai nangita ko! gahig ulo!

Can you give the whole story of Gettysburg address?

WikiAnswers is not the place to post entire speeches -- WikiPedia is.

Who unlosses the bag of wind the aeolus give Odysseus?

Its not who, actually in the story it says a whole group of sailors unloosed it.

What is a ending of story?

An ending to a story wraps up the whole story in a conclusion. If you are asking for someone to give you an ending to a story then the person has to read the story first then come up w/a ending. Also an ending could be a question, statement or something leading to another story. Hope this helped!

What happened in the story Hatchet?

In the book hatchet their is a 13 year old boy Brian Robeson, he is stuck in Canadian woods because the plane crashed in which he was going to visit his father i don't want to give away the whole story.

What is a name you can give a fake fiction story god?

a name you can give a god in your story

What did Theseus's mother do after theseus left for Athens?

Women, on the whole, held little respect in Greek culture. Her role in the story is simply to give birth to the hero. Beyond that she had little importance.

Who do you give the ring to on ghost story island?

you give it to Fiona.

Can you give me a story on cleopatra?

no because nobody knows her true story

What this story is?

First give us more information about what story you mean.

What does cooper do to build suspense in the story?

Give name of the story you are referring to