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Q: Gaano kalaki at kahaba ang mayon volcano?
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What is the country of the Mayon volcano?

The Mayon volcano is on the island of Luzon in the Philippines.

Does Mayon volcano is an active volcano?

yes, it is.

What is the proper noun of Mayon volcano?

The noun 'Mayon Volcano' is a proper noun, the name of a specific volcano. A proper noun is always capitalized. Examples of common nouns for the proper noun 'Mayon Volcano' are: volcano mountain landform feature

Mayon volcano is what type of volcano?

Mount Mayon, the Phillipines, is a stratovolcano, or a composite volcano. The lava erupted has a high silica content and high viscosity, and is mainly andesitic. Mount Mayon is categorised as active, and is viewed as a 'perfect volcano' due to the symmetry of sides.

How mayon volcano got his name?

Mayon volcano got its name from bicolano word Magayon which means beautiful.

Where is the manyon volcano?

You mean the Mayon Volcano? In the Philippines

What the name of the famous volcano in the Philippines?

Mayon Volcano

What are the benefits of the mayon volcano?

The biggest benefit of the Mayon Volcano is the tourism it brings to the region. In addition, the soil around the volcano helps grow the crops.

Is the mayon volcano a natural place or a man made place?

The Mayon volcano is a natural place renowned as the "perfect cone"

What are the ratings and certificates for Mayon The Volcano Princess - 2010?

Mayon The Volcano Princess - 2010 is rated/received certificates of: Singapore:PG

What is the setting of the story the legend of mayon volcano?

The setting of The Legend of Mayon Volcano is set in Panganoron. It is about a woman who is being pursued by many different tribes because of her beauty.

Were is the mayon volcano?

In Albay, Philippines