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Speeches that impart information on a certain subject are referred to as talumpating pangkabatiran or informative speeches. A few illustrations of talumpating pangkabatiran are as follows:

  1. Regulars who benefit from this should ehersisyo in the kalusugan
  2. What is the purpose of the COVID-19's pagkalat?
  3. Philippine Kalayaan's Kasaysayan and Kahalagahan
  4. Myriad precautions must be taken to preserve biodiversity and the kalikasan.
  5. Malusog na pagkain benefits and how to add them to a balanced diet are discussed.
  6. A paraan upang mapanatiling malinis ang ating kapaligiran at ko ba ito mahalaga?
  7. Filipino culture and the Filipino people as a whole are intertwined in this statement.
  8. The benefits of pagbasa and how to apply them to your own pag-unlad and kaalaman, respectively.

These are only a handful of illustrations of insightful presentations. Depending on the speaker's interests and the audience's demands, the topics for talumpating pangkabatiran can be diverse and cover a wide range of issues.

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talumpating pag ibig

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Q: Examples of talumpating pangkabatiran
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