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Buysit...nagtanong nga ako para may malaman pero puro YES naman ang sagot!!

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Q: Example of law of definite composition?
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What is the law that states that a chemical compound always contains the same elements in exactly the same proportions by w eight and mass?

Law of definite proportion, sometimes also called the law of constant composition.

Is the law of definite composition the same as the law of definite proportion?

yes it is .. also called prousts law

What is the chemical equation of the law of definite composition?

This law hasn't a chemical equation !

Does a mixture obey the law of definite composition?

yes it dose.

Is it true that a chemical has a definite composition?

Yes, after the Law of definite proportions; but now it is clear that this law is not applicable to all known chemical compounds.

What theory states that a given compound will always contain exactly the same proportion of elements by weight?

Law of definite proportion or law of definite composition.

Examples of the law of definite composition?

formation of water and hydrogen peroxide , carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide are the big examples of law of definite proportion

What is the difference between law of conservation of mass and law of definite composition?


Is the law of definite proportions says that the composition of a compound always the same?

always the same

What you mean by nonstoichiometry?

The chemical composition of nonstoichiometric compounds do not respect the law of definite proportions.

What is the name of the chemical law?

For example the law of definite proportions.

Is the law of definite composition applicable to compounds only?

This law is not valid for all chemical compounds (ex. nonstoichiometric compounds).