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Q: Examles of sentence use in simili?
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What is simili?

A simile is a sentence using the words "like" or "as"Ex: "I will be the one laughing like a hyena""The moon is as pretty as a pearl"

What are examles of mesophiles?

bacillus cereus

What are examples of deionization?

what are the examles of deionization

What actors and actresses appeared in I due simili - 1912?

The cast of I due simili - 1912 includes: Gigetta Morano Eleuterio Rodolfi as Rodolfi

What part of speech is licence?

simili is one

What are examles of single-celled organisms?


Ano ang ibig sabihin ng simili at mga halimbawa nito?

halimbawa ng simili at metapora?

What figurative language is in Someone Like You by Adele?


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Simile for the smell of mist?

simili with as he smell as rose

What are some examles of convection?

A convection cell churning near mid-ocean ridges.

What ae some examles of chemical property?

Examples: flammability, Pauling electronegativity, corrosivity etc.