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Q: Essay about nutrition the theme is wastong nutrisyon?
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What is the tagalog theme for nutrition month?

Tamang nutrisyon kailangan wastong Hindi tamang.

TAGALOG theme for nutrition month 2009?

"Wastong nutrisyon ingatan,Lifestyle diesease iwasan".

Theme for July 2009 nutrition month?

="Batang May Kinabukasan, Sa Wastong Nutrisyon Simulan"=

What is the theme of nutrition month for July 2009 in the Philippines?

Batang may Kinabukasan Sa Wastong Nutrisyon Simulan

Theme on nutrition month celebration 2009?

wastong nutrisyon ay kailangan,lifestyle disease ay iwasan

What is the focus of the 2009 Philippine nutrition month theme?

Wastong nutrisyon kailangan, life style disease ay iwansan.

What is a good slogan for the theme of nutrition month 2013?

wastong pagkain ay may wastong nutrisyon.. :)

What is theDepartment of education nutrition month celebration theme of 2010?

look for the year 2010 theme of the nutrition month celebration on July and explain they message of the theme

What is the message of the theme wastong nutrisyon kailangan?

nutrisyon ay iwasan diseases ay ingatan babyface ay ligawan kamay ay hawakan

Pagkaing tama at sapat wastong timbang ni baby ang katapat?

Theme 'yan sa nutrition month sa 2010... noong 2009; WASTONG NUTRISYON KAILANGAN LIFESTYLE DISEASES IWASAN panalo pa nga ako eh

Meaning of the 2008 nutrition month theme?

"wastong nutrisyon ni mommy siguradong healthy si baby" pregnant mothers today do not take or eat the right food that contain nutrients needed by their babies to grow well and be healthy........ this theme is to promote the healthy lifestyle to the Filipinos especially our pregnant momies. to decrease the number of under weight children and malnutrition. also to prevent diseases like iron-deficiency anemia (IDA),Vitamin A deficiency (VAD).....

What is the theme of the Nutrition Month 2008?

"Sa wastong nutrisyon ni mommy, siguradong healthy si baby." It emphasize the proper nutrition and good health of pregnant women and would-be pregnant women. It also stresses the importance of good nutrition to have a healthy baby and mother.