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Q: Does El Niño cause an upwelling?
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How does wind cause upwelling in the oceans?

El Nino

When is upwelling weaker during a normal pattern El Niño or La Nina event?

During El Nino upwelling is weaker. During La Nina upwelling increases. During a normal pattern the upwelling rises.

What the cause of upwelling?


How does el nino affects upwelling?

It causes it to stop or lessen.

What nicknames does Gilbert Melendez go by?

Gilbert Melendez goes by El Nino, Gilbo, and El Nio.

How do wind cause upwelling?

when they hit something

Explain the relationship between El Nino and upwelling?

El nino needs to be answered for real people anyway El nino mixes with upwelling and creates don't know but it can kill you

What was one result of El Nio that occurred in 1997-1998?

heavy mudslides in California

When is the next El Nio predicted?

El Niño happens from every two to seven years, so it's not easy to predict.

What isn't associated with upwelling?

Upwelling is when the winds cause nutrient rich waters from lower levels of the ocean to replace the surface water. Upwelling's are usually caused by coastal surges or open oceans.

What does upwelling have to do with el nino?

El Nino reduces upwelling. Normal sea surface temperatures in Pacific tend to be warmer in the west because of upwelling, where warm water flows west because of trade winds and colder water rises up to replace the warm water in the Eastern Pacific. During El Nino, the trade winds get all screwed up and warm water is spread out more evenly in the Pacific. So there is less upwelling and the Eastern Pacific sees warmer sea water.

What two changes in weather patterns caused by el nino that can cause disasters?

Floods, mudslides, drought, and also some changes in upwelling. I know that's four but it gives more of a variety... :) hope I helped!