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yes, kac ang pangit ng tanong

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Q: Do you believe the saying no man is an island how will you relate this to the solution of a problem?
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A hypothesis is an educated guess on what a person may believe to happen based on logic and information given.

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The solubility of DNA in a solution is influenced by its physical and chemical structure, such as its base composition, molecular weight, and pH. DNA precipitation occurs when conditions change, such as lowering the pH or adding ethanol, causing the DNA to become insoluble and come out of solution. This relationship between DNA structure and precipitation/solubility is important for various laboratory techniques like DNA extraction and isolation.

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Solubility is the aptitude of a chemical substance to be soluble (to form a homogeneous solution) in a given solvent. An unsaturated solution is a solution which can dissolve further the solute, at a given temperature and pressure.