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Hindi talaga may kaunti na yun boss nila ay talagang mahirap sa engles

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Q: Dapat ba na ang call center agent ay magaling mag english?
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Is it important that you are fluent in English if you want to be a call center agent?

Call Center Agents must be fluent in the language that their callers speak. If the callers will be speaking English, then the call center agent must be able to communicate with them in that language. If there is a possibility that callers may speak one language or another, the call center may set up "queues" to direct calls to agents fluent in one of those specific languages. This practice is becoming more common in the United States, where callers may speak English or Spanish, but not both.

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to enhance my skills and to experience being a call center agent

What is the luhya word for the English word agent?

The African Luhya term for the English word 'agent' is "omukhonyi".

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Call agents are usually very friendly and polite. In addition, call agents almost always speak clearly, as it is imperative that the customer can understand them.

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how can i answer the question when i apply as a call center agent. need a call center is collage level only i am 4year highshcool student only but i know how to understand to speak English i speak also in English but not in directly before we get this job i need a 1month training pls i need this job. i have skill in computer also

Can you give you some example of conversation between the call center agent and the customer?

A call center call would start of with the call center agent introducing themselves and asking how they could help. The customer will state the question or complaint and the call center agent will come up with a solution or answer their question.

What is agent middlemen?

Call Center Executive

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A call center agent is the individual who handles incoming or outgoing client calls for a corporate. A call center specialist might handle account inquiries, customer grievances or support concerns.