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Q: Crying jomari is dead in tanging yaman?
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Phineas and Ferb cant stop crying because Isabella is dead?

W.T.F. Phineas and Ferb are not crying, and Isabella is not dead. Shut up.

Is Charlie crane crying shames dead?

When didwhat answer? Charlie Crane of the group The Crying Shames die?

Ano ang apat na katangi tanging Lawa na Matatagpuan sa Asya?

4 na katangi-tanging lawa na matatagpuan sa asya ay: Caspian sea lake baikal dead sea aral sea

Was Nicki Minaj crying when her mom died?

Her mom ain't DEAD.

Is Nigerian actor Patrick Doyle dead?

for crying out loud where did you hear that? He's not dead and he's not going to be dead any soon by the grace of God

Why is lady Capulet think Juliet is crying?

Lady Capulet imagines that Juliet is crying because Tybalt, Lady Capulet's kinsman and consequently also Juliet's, is dead.

What is the country song that starts off with his dead friend answering machine?

Toby Keith-Crying for Me

Was undertaker crying because his brother died?

The Undertaker's brother isn't dead, and the Undertaker doesn't cry.

Can a dead person produce tears?

Crying is a response to an emotion or an emotional state which is triggered by the brain in reaction to something. Since the brain of a dead person is not functioning, no, a dead person cannot cry.

Is your dog crying because she could see your dead dog from years ago?

no way- no way- unless he/she is magical no

What did Miley do to prepare for her role in The Last Song?

Miley tried cursing to her family and then crying for her dead horse pretending it was her father.

How many cps students died?

4500 died on the Vietnam streets and some people were crying because they're relative is dead