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Q: Contribution of emelio aguinaldo in revolotion?
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Who was the first Filipino President who claims Sabah for the Philippines?

emillio aguinaldo do you have more information about emelio aguinaldo that he is the first claimant of Sabah

Who is the first president of the republic of the Philippines?

The 1st president of the Philippines is Emilio Aguinaldo.i think its emelio aguinaldoEmilio Aguinaldo

What caused Emilio Aguinaldo to die?

Namatay si Aguinaldo noong Pebrero 6, 1964 dahil sa katandaan sa kanyang bayan sa Kawit Cavite. Siya ay 95 taong gulang.

When was Andrew Emelio born?

Andrew Emelio was born on 1981-10-18.

Is Emelio Estevez Jewish?


Why was there a French Revolotion?

because there were angry

What is the tagalog word of aguinaldo shrine?

Aguinaldo Shrine-Dambana ni Aguinaldo

Who is the father of aguinaldo?

Carlos Aguinaldo

Who was the mother and father of Emilio aguinaldo?

Emilio Aguinaldo's mother was Trinidad Famy and his father was Carlos Aguinaldo.

Who is Emilio Aguinaldo's wife?

hilaria aguinaldo

Who is the father of Emilio aguinaldo?

Emilio Aguinaldo's birth name is Emilio Aguinaldo y Famy.

How long does it take for Saturn to make a full Revolotion?

29.5 years