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Q: Can you use Vaseline as loob?
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What will happen if you will use vaseline shampoo?

Many people use Vaseline before shampooing. The Vaseline treatment is used as a remedy for dry scalp. A person can massage it into his scalp before shampooing the hair.

What if your Butt Hurts What Do You Do?

use Vaseline

Can you use vaseline on your hair?

Yes you can Use Vaseline in your hair but its Hard to get out since its Waterproof. The only way to get it out is Cornstarch or Dawn Dishsoap

Is it better to use beeswax or Vaseline in chapstick?

It's better to use beeswax because Vaseline is too greasy to use in chapstick or any lipstick, except for lip gloss. If you're making LIP GLOSS then you should definitely use Vaseline. Otherwise don't use it.

Can I use vaseline on a leather sofa?


What do you do if your butt hole hurts?

use Vaseline

What do you use to remove lipstick?


Should you use Vaseline to protect leather?

Vaseline is commonly used as a leather protectant. It can darken the leather, however.

What else can you use instead of Vaseline?

lubricating jelly

What shoud you do to your hair before you get a perm?

Use vaseline

What uses is Vaseline most widely known for?

Vaseline is commonly used for many beauty related needs. One use of Vaseline that many will swear by is putting it on your eye lashes for conditioning purposes. Vaseline is also commonly known to be used for chapped lips.

Can you use vaseline to stretch your ears?

DO NOT USE VASELINE TO STRECH YOUR EARS!! When stretching your ears, use the following for best results: -Vitamin E oil -Jojoba Oil -Berts Bees Wax: Res Q Ointment -Holey Butt'r Any of these produce great results..Don't use Vaseline, Lotion etc..