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Q: Can you use HND after your name?
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What letters do you have after your name with an HND in engineering?

HND (Engineering). Example: John Jones HND (Engineering)

What next after the HND?

"top-up degree" is next after HND. many universities offer TUD for HND.

What qualifications are similar in England which is hnd in Scotland?

England also has the HND qualification.

HNC or HND which is the higher grade?

HND is higher than a HNCHNC stands for Higher National Certificate whereas HND stands for Higher Nationla Diploma.HNC requires ten units and a HND requires 16 units.A HNC can be topped up to a HND with the additonal 6 units.A HND is therefore higher than a HNC.A HNC starting from scratch will take 4-5 years (No prior qaulifications in the given field.)HND Courses are normally only 1 year. But for some strange reason, Colleges will class them as 2-year courses because you MUST do HNC qaulification with them first.

How HND fine art valueable?

I have done HND fine art course in England and can you please tell me where i can find job now?

What does HND stand for?

HND stands for: Higher National Diploma aka HND. It is the same as doing your first year at university and depending on your grades, university and other things you might be able to skip the first year of the degree course.

What is the full form of HND?

hug and die

Can acca f1-6 pass get hnd?


What the definition of the TLE?

hnd ko alm

Did your company take HND cadets after completing 2 year diploma?

Dude who ever ru pls do not do hnd , reason i myself am an hnd cadet ,, and i m fusstrated, screwed with no indian cdc and don't know were my future is heading do indian dns better option ..m..

How can you buy liquid nitrogen?

Liquid nitrogen can be purchased from various suppliers including welding supply stores, industrial gas companies, and scientific equipment suppliers. It is important to have proper training in handling and storing liquid nitrogen as it is extremely cold and can be hazardous if not used correctly. Make sure to follow all safety guidelines provided by the supplier.

What is the English of tutuparin?

Ulol. hnd ko alam.