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Q: Can you give me example of slogan about wika?
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Slogan about wikang pilipino wika ng pagkakaisa?

The slogan about wikang pilipino wika ng pagkakaisa is the Filipino slogan.

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Stupid is as stupid does. - Forrest Gump

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Example of posters on the theme Wika Mo Wikang Filipino Wika ng Mundo Mahalaga?

Poster design featuring words "Wika Mo, Wikang Filipino, Wika ng Mundo Mahalaga" written in colorful and bold fonts, surrounded by traditional Filipino art elements. Illustration of a globe with the Philippine flag as its focal point, with the slogan "Wika Mo, Wikang Filipino, Wika ng Mundo Mahalaga" underneath. Poster showcasing different Filipino languages and dialects written in a creative way, emphasizing the importance of preserving our linguistic diversity with the message "Wika Mo, Wikang Filipino, Wika ng Mundo Mahalaga."

Slogan images linggo ng wika?

Filipino ay mahalagang pag-aralan upang Pilipinas ay magkaintindihan.

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Can i have examples of slogan about wika?

tuwid na landas ay ating tatahakin, kung ang sariling wika ay pagyayamanin. pagka't ito talaga ay sariling atin. siguradong uunlad ang bansa natin

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