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Q: Buod ng pelikulang a very special love?
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What is the duration of A Very Special Love?

The duration of A Very Special Love is 1.1 hours.

When was A Very Special Love created?

A Very Special Love was created on 2008-07-30.

Why love is special?

love is very beautiful and very pure, its very special and it changes not only life but the person also,love makes feel special about everything that happens ...........

When was A Very Special Love Song created?

A Very Special Love Song was created in 1974-01.

What are the ratings and certificates for A Very Special Love - 2008?

A Very Special Love - 2008 is rated/received certificates of: Philippines:G (MTRCB)

What does first love mean is it the first time you date or is it someone you really love?

First love refers to that very special person you fell in love with the very first time you fell in love. No one ever forgets that special person.

What is the best romantic country song?

A Very Special Love Song

Where does the name umana originate from?

Elsalvador the place of love its very special

How will you know if you love someone?

It is a very special feeling, i am sorry but i can not describe it but really you feel special around them and stuff

How can you love a guinea pig?

It just happens. They are very special little creatures.

What does Jamiece mean?

it mean's very special and more to love with!.loving!caringbravesmart

What does love mean when you'r in love with a Guatemala?

it isn't necessarily love its just an expression that tells others or ur self its very special