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Q: Buod ng aanhin ninyo yan salin ni lualhati bautista?
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Alf Salin's birth name is Alf Olavi Salin.

What is the birth name of Holger Salin?

Holger Salin's birth name is Holger Aleksander Salin.

What is the birth name of Klaus Salin?

Klaus Salin's birth name is Klaus Torsten Salin.

When was Pascal Salin born?

Pascal Salin was born in 1939.

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Klaus Salin died on September 15, 1973.

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When was Lida Salin born?

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What is the english of patulang salin?

The English translation of "patulang salin" is "literal translation".

When was Alf Salin born?

Alf Salin was born on June 21, 1913, in Helsinki, Finland.