Bonifacio is a traitor

Updated: 12/13/2022
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Q: Bonifacio is a traitor
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Who is the traitor Emilio Aguinaldo or Andres Bonifacio?

Who's got blood on their hands

Emilio Aguinaldo was he a traitor or a hero?

Emilio Aguinaldo is a traitor and a villain! He usurped the authority of the Supremo Andres Bonifacio citing that Bonifacio has no education! Bonifacio was the founder of the KKK and who begun the Philippine Revolution against Spain! After an election, Bonifacio was name Director of the Interior but still protested by Tirona due to his lack of education! After that, Bonifacio became angry and declared that the election was void and left to form his own government. Aguinaldo ordered his men to hunt him and they succeeded to kill the man who was the originator of the Philippine Revolution! With this hideous act by Aguinaldo, can you consider him a hero? For me he is a villain and a traitor!

Emilio Aguinaldo a hero or a Traitor?

Traitor. He pledged allegiance to the Americans & to the Japanese during their occupation. Is that a hero? Did Rizal, Bonifacio, Antonio Luna & Gregorio del Pilar and others do that?

What has the author Bonifacio Calvo written?

Bonifacio Calvo has written: 'The poems of Bonifacio Calvo'

What were the contribution of Andres bonifacio?

andres bonifacio?

Who are the siblings of Andres bonifacio?

procopio bonifacio

Who has a story by Andres bonifacio?

See website: Andres Bonifacio

What has the author Bonifacio written?

Bonifacio has written: 'Dei cavalli'

When did Procopio Bonifacio die?

Procopio Bonifacio died in 1897.

When was Procopio Bonifacio born?

Procopio Bonifacio was born in 1873.

When was Domingos Bonifacio born?

Domingos Bonifacio was born in 1984.

When was Francesco Bonifacio born?

Francesco Bonifacio was born in 1912.